Matrix Tax School (“MTS”) is a tuition and vocational training services provider registered with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, registered and accredited by the South Africa Institute of Taxation (SAIT). MTS is subsidiary of Matrix Group, comprising of Tax Matrix (Pvt) Limited, Matrix Tax School (Pvt) Limited and Matrix Link (Pvt) Limited. Having been incorporated in 2018, the School is strategically placed to offer academic and research-based knowledge for commercial and learning and development purposes. The learning and development unit offers tax tuition services for professional qualifications including ACCA and ICAZ post graduate diploma.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading tax training and resource centre in Africa.

Our Mission

To create sustainable value, through the provision of beyond knowledge tax solutions to meet the current and future needs of the customers and expectations of our stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Diligence
  • Hard work 
  • Competence

Marvellous Tapera

Chief Executive Officer

Marvellous Tapera is the CEO of Matrix Tax School (Pvt) Ltd and non-executive director for Tax Matrix (Pvt) Ltd. He is the founder of both Matrix Tax School and Tax Matrix. He has extensive experience in the field of taxation and accounting spanning over 20 years and broad knowledge of Zimbabwean and international tax laws. He has practical experience in respect of Mining, Insurance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Agriculture sectors and broad overall experience in all other sectors of the economy. Previously engaged as a consultant by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in crafting the insurance tax legislation which awaiting publication into law. In 2017, he was engaged by Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to train the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority tax employees on taxation of specialized sectors (Mining, Insurance and Telecommunication sectors). He is the author of six books on taxation law in Zimbabwe which are a key resource aimed mostly at investors and covering essential information applicable to managing tax compliance in Zimbabwe.