Monthly Tax Update

Each month we consider the latest changes to the tax rules – legislative, case law, and Authorities announcements and interpretations that bring relevancy to the business environment. Monthly Tax Updates ensure that our valued members are kept in tune with changes in the tax arena. They provide you with an opportunity to stay on top of developments that directly and indirectly affect you and your clients/business. The focus is on key guidance from legislation, tax agencies and the courts that represent new interpretations, as well as guidance on new laws.

The updates are accompanied by an insightful commentary pointing out the key takeaway points from the material. Aside to what our regular Newsletters provide, MTUs are meant to help you:

  • Identify new tax planning opportunities.
  • Keep you updated with all changes in the tax world.
  • Keep you aware of current revenue and fiscal announcements and interpretations. Recognize pitfalls many professionals miss.
  • Minimize compliance errors and offer practical and effective tax solutions.

January 2024 Monthly Tax Update

The contents of this month's MTU edition are as follows:

  • Assessment standards for imported goods.
  • More companies added to Mutapa Investment Fund
  • Sour ruling for miners mineral royalties determination.
  • Curbing the abuse of corporate structure.
  • New Customs Compliance
  • Income tax deductibility of Interest
  • Presumptive Taxes 
  • Mining Returns
  • The New Tax Agent Module
  • Upcoming Tax Deadlines: A Reminder for Taxpayers
  • Excise Duty Returns